Our Values

Values are intangible. They do not exist unless someone experiences them.

To articulate our corporate brand, we conducted extensive client surveys and interviews and invested in a series of employee workshops with a brand consultant.

Our authentic and shared vision and values now guide all that we do. They encompass both our family and religious heritage and have become one of the most valued components within our community.

Openbook Howden is a progressive, full-service print and publishing brand committed to providing outstanding client results and at all times being considerate.

Known for our great staff we offer our clients new levels of confidence and appreciation delivered in an earnest, contemporary and unpretentious manner.

core elements of our values

client results

We are known for obtaining outstanding results for our clients. We are always thinking and apply our specialist knowledge to make improvements in output and cost effectiveness.


In all that we do and with whom we interact we are considerate, fully understanding and appreciating their situation and needs.


Our reputation for consistent dependability, honesty and attention to detail is legendary.


OBH is forward thinking in all aspects of our business including systems, equipment, training and ideas.

full service

Print, Publish, Package, Park.
From design to distribution we provide complete solutions for print and publishing including online, packaging and warehousing.

brand relationship

considerate physio

We behave toward our clients like a considerate physio using our skills and knowledge to diagnose the underlying issues at play in the job and determine the best solutions to create the best customer results.