School Yearbooks

A collection of memories which will stay with students, parents and teachers forever.

Your school yearbook is a way of recording the present so that those in the future can reminisce about the past.

Creative and thoughtful design and layout, meticulous attention to reproduction of images and colour correction, innovative applications of paper stock and binding, contribute to a result you and your community will be proud of.

We have also developed a range of innovative finishes which include shaped books and the integration of electronic media with your printed yearbook.

Personalisation of yearbook covers can also be used to enhance Year 12 school leavers’ copies or to add value to sponsor copies. With this service, you can customise the cover with individuals’ names, house logos, sponsors’ logos or a message of thanks and support.

A range of options are available to assist you in producing an exceptional result sensitive to your budgetary requirements.

If you would like to receive a hard copy of this brochure, CLICK HERE to request a copy.

our services include:

  • Complete graphic design and customised layout from start to finish
  • Creating templates for you to work from
  • Assisting you in presenting your files in a print ready format
  • Advice on colour, black and white or a suitable mix
  • Scanning images
  • Colour correction
  • Copy writing
  • Photography
  • Personalisation
  • Paper stock and binding techniques
  • Embellishments such as UV varnishes, foils, embossing and translucent tip-ins
  • Augmented Reality through Interactive Print
  • On time delivery