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2019 | The Year That Was

2019 at OBH is rapidly coming to a close and as such, we find ourselves reflecting on achievements, milestones, challenges and changes.

As all businesses can attest to, each year there are always opportunities to be learnt from and successes to be applauded, and to celebrate the year that was, the OBH team and their partners enjoyed drinks on the rooftop and dinner amongst friends at the Mayfair Hotel in Adelaide.

Our Managing Director, Michael Richards reminded us of some of the big wins that we’ve enjoyed as a team, summed up the changes we’ve seen, and shared with us his direction for next year.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • We were proud to have produced some prestigious history books for the 150 year anniversary of Prince Alfred College, 100 years of Scotch College, and the Air Warfare Destroyer Program.
  • The History of the Air Warfare Destroyer Program won a gold medal at the 2019 South Australia Printing Industry Craftsmanship Awards and then went on to take out the Gold medal at the National Awards.
  • OBH were also awarded a silver and two bronze medals at the SA Printing Industry Craftsmanship Awards, a great recognition of the high standard of work which we produce.

Innovation and technology are key:

After a large step forward in the digital labels production last year, OBH took a massive leap forward this year in terms of our digital sheet production by installing a high speed, high quality Ink Jet machine. This significant investment highlights how we prioritise our focus on growing our business well into the future, and how we will adapt to the ever changing landscape of the printing industry.

We have observed the trend that businesses are continually looking to personalise and target how they are communicating with clients. Our new technology allows us to offer a more expanded range of projects to our clients, with a cost benefit.

From a people perspective:

We said thank you and goodbye to John Wiebusch this year who has retired after 45 years of service and employment with us.

We celebrated the extraordinary contribution of Keith Kemp, one of the founding fathers of Howden Printing.  We came together to thank Keith and celebrate his next chapter, a well-deserved and celebrated retirement. Keith continues to drop in to lend support and advice where possible. We hope Keith continues this ritual  for a long time to come.

Annually, we make it a priority to thank and recognise our staff, and to do that we present our employee awards as part of our celebration. Team members are nominated for the awards by their peers and with so many positive contributions to our business’ success it is always a highlight of the night.

Our Innovation Award this year was awarded to Colin Flashman, Prepress Operator, for his proposal to provide a value-add solution for one of our large client’s tax statement postage through innovative process improvement. Essentially, Colin’s initiative and expert knowledge of all things Australia Post Pre-sort Mail and Adobe Creative Suite meant the client saved thousands! Colin won the Innovation Award last year too, so it demonstrates that he’s consistently innovative in his work ethic. Well done Colin!

The pinnacle of the awards, the OBH Cultural Award for consistently upholding our brand values, was awarded to relative newcomer Georgina Taras, Sales Support & Client Liaison. Georgina joined OBH in May this year and won in a landslide vote because of her radiant positivity and efficiency. Nothing is ever too difficult for Georgie, and she is a powerhouse when it comes to keeping projects on track. We’re lucky to have Georgie and this award is very much deserved.

OBH is somewhat unique because many of our team members choose to stay with us for a long portion of their working lives. To recognise this, we present the staff with significant years of service unique gifts and thanks. It was a pleasure to thank the following people for their dedication to Openbook Howden in their respective roles:

Sue Giles, Folding & Bindery – 15 years
Andrew Laub, Prepress – 20 years

In an industry with a relentlessly changing landscape, we thank our committed and highly skilled team members for their contributions and insights, and we look forward to the highs of 2020.

Check out more photos from our celebration night:

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