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A Self Publishing Project | Shackleton’s 1907 – 1909 British Antarctic Expedition

Shackleton’s 1907-1909 British Antarctic Expedition – A Journey in 3-D (or Shackleton) is the latest publication by Openbook Howden from long-time client and author Ron Blum. A promotional project published by the South Australian Museum, with a limited print run of two hundred copies incorporates stereoscopic 3-D imagery, creating a unique experience for the reader.

Blum, a collector of stereoscopic photography, donated two-hundred plastic viewers to be stored inside the book cover, allowing the polar images – many of which are being revealed for the first time from the Museum’s Australian Polar Collection (APC) – to be experienced in 3-D. This technique mirrors that of initial contributor, the late Museum honorary Clive Wilson-Roberts who passionately shared stereoscopic photography while guiding tours of the SA Museum’s Mawson Centre.

We encountered challenges with the inclusion of 3-D in the Shackleton print: in addition to needing consistently-sized images for the viewers to work correctly, the pages needed to lie flat so that readers’ eyes could blend the images together. Hence our suggestion to wire-o-bind the text with a hard cover to ensure a quality finish, including a square back spine.

shackleton-flat-381-x-500In close collaboration with Mark Pharaoh (the Museum’s APC Senior Collection Manager) and Blum we have produced a limited edition Shackleton run of one hundred individually numbered copies with slipcase and foil detailing, along with an equal number of standard books featuring a printed hard cover.  These hand-bound copies are being sold in the SA Museum Shop which anticipates Shackleton to be the first in a series of Polar Collection volumes.

A book event was held on Sunday, 14 August at the SA Museum Science Centre and it was here that Shackleton was launched on its maiden voyage.

Another unique challenge conquered, Shackleton’s 1907-1909 British Antarctic Expedition is a reflection of the intrepid and resourceful nature of OBH.

Thank you to our Intern, Zachary Brandon-Smith from the University of Adelaide for writing this piece.

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