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New Brand Identity

On the cusp of celebrating the tenth anniversary of the amalgamation of Howden Printing and Openbook Australia, it is timely to reveal our new visual identity.

The journey to this point has been both reflective and strategic. As detailed in previous newsletters, we undertook a brand architecture review 12 months ago with Lowen Partridge of Peartree Marketing. During this process we unpacked feedback from clients and employees to gain their perspectives on our products and services. We reflected on the brand values of our company through a series of dedicated workshops which accumulated in the development of documented brand values. These values are now at the core of our interactions with clients and within the team, and we reflect upon these daily in our various roles.

we have officially adopted the acronym of OBH as part of our brand

All of the information gathered was extremely insightful. Upon reviewing it, we decided that while our company name holds very proud and treasured memories for our community, the length of our name is often cumbersome and many of our loyal fans internally and externally use different elements of our name organically to abbreviate it. These names include Howden or Howdens, Openbook or OBH.

In order to uphold our family and religious heritage, we have consciously chosen to retain our company name as Openbook Howden Print & Design, however we have officially adopted the acronym of OBH as part of our brand. This enables us to be referred to as Openbook Howden Print & Design or OBH Print & Design, or even just OBH.

Our creative design team have worked hard to develop a new visual identity that is true to our brand values which are focussed on offering full service, client results, being considerate, progressive and reliable. We would all agree that this has been one of the more challenging graphic rebrands they have been involved in due to the emotive nature of the project and the strong investment from our wider community.

Please tour this website to see our new visual brand in action for the first time.

From all of the team at OBH, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to

working with you…

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