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We are thrilled to be able to share with you three awards that were presented this weekend for books we have produced. Each of the awards were received at different events around the globe, with one book now being able to boast “Best in the World”. Please read on below to find out more about these significant achievements.

Openbook Howden wins Silver at the Nationals!

We are thrilled to announce that Openbook Howden Print & Design have been presented with a Silver Award in the 2017 Print Industry Craftsmanship Awards. The winning publication was the St Peter’s Collegiate Girls School prospectus, designed by Jo West of West Creative.

This award is fabulous recognition for the high quality publications our team produce across the board.

It was especially significant as the publication incorporated pages that were printed both digitally and on traditional offset presses with the finished product being a blend of these two processes. As testament to the very high standards held at these awards, a Gold medal was not awarded in this category.

Design: Jo West, West Creative
Specifications:  A die cut cover incorporating the text ‘Why’ provides a peep-hole to the stunning imagery Jo applies throughout the publication. The finished size of the book is 297mm x 250mm with offset pages printed at full width and height, interspersed with short length digitally produced pages.  The prospectus cleverly articulates the calibre of education provided at the college, reflecting their brand very well. A fabulous recognition for our team and also for the designer and our client.

Champagne book, Best in the World!

Congratulations to Kaaren Palmer for winning Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best in the World French Wine Book.

The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, held in China this year, honour the best food and wine books, printed or digital, as well as food television.

Books from 205 countries participate in these prestigious awards, the only international competition of the sector. It is free, and open to all languages.

The Gourmand Awards have been compared to the ‘Oscars’ and are inspired by the Olympic Games and their spirit. CLICK HERE to read more about these awards.

Publisher: Self-published
Author: Kaaren Palmer
Design: Storm Warman & Sarah Lelliott, Openbook Howden

Design details: Storm and Sarah worked collaboratively on this project to meet the tight deadline. With Storm developing the creative concept and Sarah project managing the design application and production elements, the book finished product was of a very high quality. Each photograph was colour corrected to more accurately present the true colours of the region. Storm and Sarah worked together to create the inside cover pattern that reflected the look and feel of Champagne (the drink and the place) . The pattern has an elegant and regal look and feel to it with muted tones of gold that match in with the design and flow of the book. Sarah reworked the presentation of the charts so that they were easier to read and Kaaren’s signature was used as a basis for the front cover font, displaying the author’s name.

Print details: A matt laminated cover with end flaps and cover imprint. The book is 280mm x 220mm in size, with 446 pages including full colour images, charts, and an elegantly presented index.

Best Family History book for 2016!

Congratulations to Tony & Wendy Edwards. Their family history book, The Complete History of Arthur and Rose, won the Alexander Henderson Award at the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies awards lunch held in Melbourne over the weekend.

The Alexander Henderson Award has been made annually since 1974 and is awarded for the Best Australian Family History.

The award criteria includes presentation elements such as layout including page numbering, chapter organisation, style and syntax as well as an easy to read format and good use of material. CLICK HERE to find out more about these awards.

Publisher: Self-published
Author: Tony and Wendy Edwards
Design: Leonard Choice, Openbook Howden

Design details: Leonard worked closely with the client to meet their specific layout and design needs, choosing pleasing fonts and incorporating images, scanned documents and family trees. The cover design was crafted from a blend of historical and recent photographs.

Print details: The full colour cover was finished with a high gloss laminate. The size was 240mm x 170mm with 520 pages of text includes full colour imagery and an index.

We are incredibly proud of these awards that we see as acknowledgement of our high quality print and design across all areas of our business as well as for the brilliant recognition for each of our clients and partners who were all dedicated to producing a quality of publication.

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