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OBH Case Study | Melba’s Chocolates Easter Project

We love working with old friends on new and Egg-citing creative projects…

Melba’s Chocolates and OBH have a relationship spanning over 15 years and this Easter we came together to develop a new packaging range.

The Melba’s Easter project was both challenging and rewarding for Wendy Greig, OBH’s Food Packaging Expert who has a passion for creating dynamic packaging solutions for clients, and our Lead Creative Designer, Sarah Lelliott, who has a flair for unique and impactful design in the food retail space. Egg boxes have so many elements to consider beyond typical flat designs – multiple angles, retail shelf presence and structural integrity to name a few.

The Brief

Melba’s new Easter product range was ready for production using new moulds flown in from Germany. The hollow egg range required packaging that would showcase the chocolates, which are produced in the South Australian family owned chocolate factory.
It was critical that the new box design could be associated with their existing range whilst grabbing the attention of customers as a new product. The goal was to produce fun, vibrant and non-gender specific packaging that spoke to all ages, whilst remaining high quality at an affordable price. The new boxes needed to display the handcrafted chocolate and not hide it away while also being structurally sound for posting and travelling.
Tom Foristal, General Manager of Melba’s Chocolate factory, entrusted the team to provide an end-to-end solution which included industrial design, creative graphic design and production.

The Creative Phase

Initial direction for the design was to investigate a whole new look for Melba’s Surprise Egg and Half Egg boxes – something more subtle and less child focussed.
There was regular and transparent communication with Melba’s as the design concepts were developed and this resulted in a decision to extend the range of packaging. To ensure consistency across the Easter range the classic background pattern from last year’s packaging was incorporated, plus new two vibrant and exciting colours were introduced over the new products; burnt orange and emerald green.

Collaboration is Key

Before progressing the design further, it was time to get “Barry the Box Man” involved to finalise how the outer clear acetate box and inner die-cut card would be constructed. A specialist brainstorming session between Barry Magazinovic, our structural box engineer, Tom Foristal and Jack Heyward from Melba’s, together with Wendy Greig, resulted in the creation of a brand new structural design.

Testing 1, 2, 3…

Mock ups of the new structural design were prepared by the team at OBH cutting and fitting each box and insert. These were put to the test with the actual chocolate products, allowing us to identify any concerns and adjust the design where necessary.

While the packaging had to look visually appealing it could not be so complex that it was too taxing for the Melba’s factory staff to assemble. It had to hold the egg in place and complement, not cover too much of the crafted chocolate – the hero of the gift and an essential brand element.

Go For Launch

The final products were impressive. They captured the fun and vibrancy of the Melba’s brand and tied in beautifully with the existing full range. The clear acetate packaging interlinked with the printed bespoke display cradles enabled the chocolate to shine. Final delivery was made allowing Melba’s Chocolate Factory plenty of production time during the chaotic lead up to Easter.

The Result

The new product range was received very positively by visitors over the Melba’s annual Easter weekend celebrations. How do we know? Here’s the email we received from the client:

“Anyone running an SME will tell you that on any given day they will wear multiple hats and have to multi-task whether they like it or not. Mix this with having to deal with a myriad of outsourced function to get a project from idea to launch you have a recipe for hair loss and lack of sleep.

For a company like Melba’s, we are constantly having to redesign product and packaging to suit a new season, labelling laws, new ingredients and more.

We have been using Openbook Howden for over a decade now because they make for fewer hats to wear and fewer companies to have to project manage. From design all the way to print the whole team speak in simple easy to understand terms but more importantly, they care.

Their attention to detail means our projects arrives as promised and on budget every time.”

Tom Foristal // General Manager, Melba’s Chocolates & Confectionery

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