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Anyone running an SME will tell you that on any given day they will wear multiple hats and have to multi-talk whether they like it or not. Mix this with having to deal with a myriad of outsourced function to get a project from idea to launch you have a recipe for hair loss and lack of sleep.

For a company like Melba’s, we are constantly having to redesign product and packaging to suit a new season, labelling laws, new ingredients and more.

We have been using Openbook Howden for over a decade now because they make for fewer hats to wear and fewer companies to have to project manage. From design all the way to print the whole team speak in simple easy to understand terms but more importantly, they care.

Their attention to detail means our projects arrives as promised and on budget every time.

Tom Foristal
General Manager
Melba’s Chocolates & Confectionery

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