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From Wild Harvest to Gourmet Food.

This book describes the wild caper plant; how it is harvested; how to grow capers in a farming or home garden situation; how to process capers, caperberries and caper leaves. The history of caper bushes and their medicinal and culinary qualities, are explored. Well-known chefs from Australia, including Poh Ling Yeow, Simon Bryant, Jean-Vital Syverins and others, have contributed exciting recipes for cooking with capers. The wonderful world of the Mediterranean region where capers grow, is revealed through captivating photographs.

In the foreword, Costa Georgiadis says… “this book is a pleasure and a treasure for everyone from the hard core hortie, down to the beginner gardener or even the foodie with no growing background but an interest in learning about their ingredients.
This book is a real line in the sand. It shares many valuable leads and opens many doors into the mysteries and most importantly the opportunities of capers into the future.”

  • Specs:
    245mm x 188mm, 160 pages, Paperback
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  • Author:
    Brian Noone

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