Christian Reimers – A Spirited Performer


When Christian Reimers went to Dusseldorf, he lived with and became a close family friend of the composer Robert Schumann and his concert pianist wife Clara.
From a musical point of view, he not only played through the Schumann Cello Concerto in its draft form with the composer at the piano but also the now-lost Cello Romances.

He also met many of the main composers & players at the time. When Robert Schumann encouraged investigation into the latest fad out of the USA – Spiritualism, he found in the young man someone keen to explore this new mystery.
These few short years would have a profound effect on the path his life would take. Already a talented artist, the rest of Reimers’ turbulent life would be dominated by music and spiritualism, especially blossoming in Manchester, London and Australia.

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    Paul Blackman

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