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Cromwell ‘Big Boss’ Crocodile


This story takes place in northern Australia.  Life for a hatchling crocodile is both fun and fraught with dangers.  Cromwell as a hatchling crocodile, has a playful time with the friendly creatures of the billabong.  He also experiences hidden dangers.  Cromwell survives close calls with a big barramundi, a white-bellied Sea Eagle, and a fierce Darter Bird.  Years later, Cromwell is the ‘Big Boss’ of the billabong.  Knowing that life is difficult for hatchlings, he uses his knowledge and skills to prevent predators from attacking the crocodile nests.  Finding out how Cromwell and his buddies manage to fight them off makes this story exciting.

  • Specs:
    297 x 210mm, 16 pages, Paperback
  • ISBN:
  • Author:
    Maree Schaefer
  • Publisher:
    Maree Schaefer

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