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Dog Training Must Be Fun – Book 1


Is your dog hard to walk? Does your dog ignore you? Is your dog bored?

This comprehensive book covers Level by Level training notes, footwork diagrams, photos and dog life skills, to assist you in having a dog you can be proud of.
A Dog Obedience instructor for many years, Don will take you through to the first level of ‘real’ Obedience Trials (Companion Dog) or a Basic Obedience Certificate, for those who do not wish to Trial their dog.

As you read you will find that Don is right there talking to you, such is the way he has written this book, helping you through the journey into, and through, the ‘wonderful world of training Your dog’, to be Obedient to You.

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    297x210mm, 202 pages, Paperback
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  • Author:
    Don Adams

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