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Drawings in the Dirt


The van was very dirty. Bear decided it would be fun to draw in the dirt. But then he found, with Snow and Fin, something else that was even better.

Jo Cowan’s Self-Published Snowflake & Infinity Stories, Picture Story book is filled with beautiful original colour photographic illustrations. These, along with the easy to read words, help to tell the story of how much fun it can to be helpful and take responsibility for doing a job well. The reward for these little bears is the product of their efforts. The van, that was covered in dirt is now beautifully clean and with thanks from their Mum and Dad, they enjoy a trip out in it. This is an emotionally, warm and uplifting story of family togetherness.

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  • Specs:
    210x210mm, 40 pages, Paperback
  • ISBN:
  • Author:
    Jo Cowan

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