The Works of Frank Treloar, Burra’s First Historian


Frank Treloar (1852-1934) had a long interest in the Burra Burra mine and in 1929 he published a series of articles in the Burra Record under the title Looking Back. These comprise the first extended history of the Burra Burra mine. The articles aroused sufficient interest for the Burra Institute Committee to republish them in a booklet the same year. Unfortunately most copies were lost in a fire soon after publication. Frank Treloar also published other articles on the Burra and Princess Royal Mines and other reminiscences of life in colonial South Australia. This publication gathers together all of his work published in the Burra Record together with some family information.

  • Specs:
    240x170mm, 214 pages, Paperback
  • Author:
    Frank Treloar
  • Publisher:
    The Burra History Group Inc

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