Goldsmiths Row


Goldsmiths Row is set against a backdrop of political change and social upheaval. Cromwell’s Commonwealth is in demise and there is talk of restoring the King, Charles II, to the throne. On Cheapside, the goldsmith Halifax and his assistant Alban, create an emerald ring for a mysterious buyer; however, the ring is not claimed. Halifax encourages Alban’s daughter Grace to learn the art of chain-making; an occupation deemed unsuitable for women. Yet Grace’s newfound skills give her a degree of independence.

The return of the monarchy is marred by plague and fire, so Grace retreats to the country. Almost two hundred and fifty years later, a cache of jewels is discovered by labourers on a demolition site on Cheapside. Harry brings home his illicit share to his wife Bess. With the onset of WWI, they sell the jewels to an antiquary, yet their daughter Gracie has become attached to a ring, a ring set with a green stone.

  • Specs:
    210 x 148pp, 170pp, Paperback
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  • Author:
    Rachel Hope
  • Publisher:
    Rachel Hope

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