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The Great Deci-balls & The Magic Number Box


The book explains how the decimal system works, and engages multiple inteligencies to help children understand it. The main characters in the story are the Deci-balls and the Number Box. Through surprising and magical scenarios, Deci-balls (1 to 9), find themselves falling, one by one, into the ‘units column’ of the Number Box. Then, the tenth Deci-ball comes along and rescues them; they turn into one ball and end up in the ‘tens column’. The text is in the form of a nursery rhymes that can be sung to the melody provided at the end of the book. The illustrations are entertaining and colourful. After reading the book, the students will understand, and be able to explain why number ten is represented by 1 and 0 (nothing).

  • Specs:
    148 x 210mm, 44pp + Cover
  • ISBN:
  • Author:
    L. J. Tytula
  • Publisher:
    Sarah Tytula

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