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Having Fun with Something A Little Different


activity book for junior primary

It’s here! Hayley Frazer’s latest release, Having Fun with Something A Little Different, has put a unique spin on traditional activity books, weaving her values into a fun-filled book of excitement. Targeted at junior primary students, this book goes hand-in-hand with ‘Something A Little Different’, a shortlisted entry for Speech Pathology Australia 2020 Book of the Year.

A thrilling collaboration between Hayley Frazer and Lauren Eldridge Murray, a South Australian artist, this book offers an important message to early learners about resilience, acceptance, and differences, with one key takeaway; value each other’s differences– it’s what makes them…them.

  • Specs:
    297 x 210mm, 12pp
  • ISBN:
  • Author:
    Hayley Frazer
  • Publisher:
    Hayley Frazer

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