It wasn’t me … it’s all about the limits


Fishing the limits, teaching the limits, pushing the limits and enforcing the limits.

Who in their right mind …
– goes out at night without any means of calling for help with the intention of throwing fish caught by strangers back into the water and expect to survive?
– makes fun of the boss and expect to get away with it?
– plans to spend an evening with the estranged wife of an acquaintance and expect your wife to understand?
… Greg did.

These stories along with their outcomes are just some of those included in these books. I am sure you know someone in your community who could be the person I have written about because practical jokers, fishing and crime are not restricted to any geographical boundaries.

  • Specs:
    210 x 148mm, 303 pages, Paperback
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  • Author:
    Greg Storr

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