Learning to Swim


wistful musings of a 70’s girl

Mum often called me ‘Giggle Gertie’. Apparently giggling Gertie was an old euphemism used to describe excitable children. Mum also said that I lived in my own little world. I wouldn’t say it was little. I say it was rich and diverse. A significant part of Australia’s transformation post World War II was ‘the baby boom’. I’m part of that group, the boomers, and I lived my teenage years in the ’70s. This book is mainly about me and my place in history during the first chapter of my life. Before it changed forever.

  • Specs:
    248 x 210mm, 272 pages, Paperback
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  • Author:
    Cheryl Williss
  • Publisher:
    Cheryl Williss

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