Life Has Two Doors


Four Women, Four Lives Intertwined

How does a young immigrant woman face her fears, anxieties and hopes at all once?
Four women from a traditional mountainous village, Agios Panteleimonas, now known as Neos Panteleimonas, in the Prefecture of Pieria, Greece, relive their stories.

From innocent children maturing to young women, they emigrated to Adelaide, Australia in the mid 1960s. Life Has Two Doors highlights their joys, sorrows and cultural contributions as immigrants in an ever-growing culturally diverse society.

Follow their journey as they share their tribulations, feelings and emotions leaving their homeland to begin a new life in a new land.

  • Specs:
    220x220mm, 128 pages, Paperback
  • ISBN:
  • Author:
    Doris Falidis Nickolas

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