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Life is Messy


Hope in Dark Places

In late 2015, Mike Potter started to come undone. Literally. Tragedies, both personal and professional seemed to pile up to the point where Mike felt that the life had been sucked out of him. He found himself in a dark space where dark thoughts lurked, and for a self-confessed extroverted ‘hope junkie’, Mike was confronted with the failing resilience not only of his faith, but also his soul.

Join Mike as he goes on a journey of re-discovery of faith, hope and the all-sufficiency of Christ, even though he found himself on a road marked with suffering, that seemed, at times, to be never ending. Rejoice with Mike as he begins to reclaim a new understanding of hope and suffering – one that is centred not on the absence of pain and loss, but rather on the sure Hope that Christ has won for us, even when Life Is Messy.

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    210x1748m, 116 pages, Paperback
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    Mike Potter

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