MENTIA: Mrs Peter Taylor (1810-1908)


Mrs Peter Taylor (1810-1908). A radical Liberal Victorian, ‘the mother’ of the English women’s parliamentary suffrage movement.

This book acknowledges the contribution of earlier suffragists associated with Radical Liberal parliamentarians, the contemporaries of Mentia’s husband Peter Alfred Taylor (PAT), Leicester MP.

Suffragists in Britain and across the Atlantic dubbed Mentia “the mother” for ensuring members of the Ladies’ London Emancipation Society signed early parliamentary petitions for women’s suffrage. Mentia called the campaign based at Aubrey House the acacia tree party because of the species’ vitality. John Stuart Mill recognised her organisational abilities and engineered her role in the parliamentary suffrage movement.

Through her Pen and Pencil Club held at Aubrey House, Mentia influenced the flourishing of many well-known 19th century poets and authors.

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    Margaret Macilwain

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