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Metacognition: Teaching Children to Think


Why are some people better learners than others? Learning is about thinking. Metacognition is about knowing not only what you think, but why you think it and how you arrived at your thoughts. Metacognition is one of the magnificent joys of learning. When students become more metacognitive, they thrive, broadening potential, achievement and enjoyment. Metacognition is the learner’s coming of age, the hallmark of intrinsic motivation. It is essential for reaching expertise in any domain.

Teaching and parenting for metacognition is one of the most exciting yet reachable goals for education in the twenty-first century. Let the cognitive revolution begin! Supported by contemporary research and historical perspective, this fascinating little book articulates clear rationale and strategies for teachers and parents to enable children’s minds to flourish.

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    228 x 153mm, 118pp + Cover
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  • Author:
    Michael Griffin
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    Griffin Professional Development

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