Mixing with your Mind


Closely guarded secrets of sound balance engineering revealed.

There are dozens of ‘Recording Technique’ books out there. This one’s different.

Thousands of engineers struggle to get a decent sound while only a few dozen pull amazing sounds while doing almost nothing? Why? As it turns out it’s largely the frame of mind they are in – which is great because changing your mind is a whole lot easier (and cheaper) than refitting your studio!

MWYM contains a unique collection of techniques to make the penny drop in a variety of sound engineering areas: Speakers, Microphones, Drums, Guitars, Vocals, Pianos, Compressors, Digital, Production and more. I can’t think of a studio engineer that wouldn’t benefit from the information in this book.
Chris Holder – Editor AudioTechnology Magazine

  • Specs:
    212x155mm, 304 pages, Hard Cover
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  • Author:
    Michael Stavrou

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