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My Story My Soul


Volume one of Living Attributes

Activating Your Archetypal Codes

My Story, My Soul gives you an understanding of how your soul and your story are profoundly connected to your purpose through your personal archetypes. Elizabeth’s Living Attributes Typology provides you with the specific archetypes for your personality and your true purpose. The Typology helps you to identify a number of key Inner Archetypes and their role in your life on four levels – Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Celestial (Life Purpose).

My Story, My Soul offers you an opportunity to learn from an expert in the field of women’s empowerment and archetype activation. Elizabeth shares parts of her own insightful story, and guides you step by step from transition to transformation and on to self-empowerment.

My Story, My Soul is volume one of three in the Living Attributes Typology: Together they support and enhance personal and spiritual development and provide a gateway into the realm of Archetypal Forces that shape humanity.

Elizabeth Ellames offers a rich tapestry of wisdom from her career as a personal development entrepreneur, combining in-depth experience from her own seminars and retreats for women throughout Australia, Hong Kong, and Bali. Elizabeth has applied this comprehensive body of knowledge to become an expert in the field of archetype branding for personal, business and leadership development

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    229 x 152mm; Paperback
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    Elizabeth Ellames
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    Living Attributes

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