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Percy the Murray Magpie


Grandma tells four-year-old Billy a bedtime story about a Murray-magpie.  The bird was a regular visitor to the backyard but a nuisance, its droppings causing much consternation.  Grandma came up with one plan after the other to deter the bird from visiting, but none worked, but led to some humorous incidents.  In the end, Grandma finds out a possible reason for the persistent visits of the bird from a neighbour.  Grandma named the bird Percy. “Why?” Billy asks.
This delightful story explores the meaning and value of persistence.  It also reminds the reader about the unintended results of the destruction of bird habitat.

  • Specs:
    297 x 210mm, 16 pages, Paperback
  • ISBN:
  • Author:
    Maree Schaefer
  • Publisher:
    Maree Schaefer

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