Rotary Verb Wheel – Pitjantjatjara


The Rotary Verb Wheel  is the perfect reference tool when learning Pitjantjatjara, assisting in the understanding of Verbs of this Aboriginal language. There are two kinds of verbs within each of the four classes of verbs.

The four verb classes are: Class Ø; LA Class Verbs, RA Class Verbs and WA Class Verbs, each split into 2 kinds:  ‘Verbs-of-effect’ (transitive) or ‘Verbs-without-object’ (intransitive).

Rotary Verb Wheel is a companion to Wangku Wiriu – A handbook for the Pitjantjatjara language learner (click here).

In Wangku Wiru basic technical terms are explained and concretely illustrated in a directly useful manner.

  • Specs:
    285mm diameter
  • Author:
    Paul Eckert & Joyce Hudson

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