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RPHCM – Clinical Procedures Manual (CPM)


The fifth edition of the Clinical Procedures Manual for remote and rural practice (CPM) has been produced as part of the suite of Remote Primary Health Care Manuals (RPHCM), through a collaboration between CRANAplus, Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, the Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association, and Flinders University.

The other manuals in the suite are the CARPA Standard Treatment Manual (STM), the Minymaku Kutju Tjukurpa Women’s Business Manual (WBM), and the Medicines Book for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners (Medicines Book).

The Clinical Procedures Manual

  • Is designed to support remote health practitioners who need to undertake a wide range of clinical procedures as part of providing a primary health care service
  • Describes in reassuring and simple steps ‘how to do’ procedures cited in the other manuals in the RPHCM suite and used in remote primary health care centres generally
  • Provides illustrations to help clarify directions

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  • Specs:
    240 x 170mm; 420pp; Spiral Bound
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  • Publisher:
    Flinders University

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