Sea Sand and Birds


After spending years photographing wildlife and snowy landscapes, followed by being forever on the move getting to Australia’s far flung lighthouses, I was looking for an easy-going project.

Brooms Head Beach NSW, which is close to home looked like it met my criteria.
I decided to photograph the sand and where the sea and sand intermingled. I then added the local birds, preferably when they were flying to provide variety. Bird wings are wonderful subjects.

As I’m already considered a little odd, photographing sand would confirm this.
Then some family friends dropped in for a visit. On arriving home Jenny asked seven-year-old Ingrid what she thought of Ibbo. “Ibbo: Well he’s funny but a little bit crazy”. That gave me the impetus to proceed.

I divided the location into four shooting zones: Brooms Head Beach north of the Cakora Lagoon I called Dogs Beach, because my doggy assistants Tessie and Bella were welcome there. To create a whole book to come from such a small area seemed a little crazy but I’ve sure had fun doing it.

  • Specs:
    320x290mm, 248 pages, Hard cover
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  • Author:
    John Ibbotson

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