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Sheba’s Dance


A young horse named Sheba ended up with me. Being inexperienced I had no idea what I was doing. I always had a passion to entertain people. My lazy brumby certainly not a Ferrari of the horse world, really didn’t have it. Sheba bucked me off and I ended up in hospital. The doctors said I was lucky to be alive. Persistence proved Sheba, like me, was born to entertain.

I believe she was given to me by God and children adored her. Families came to see this unusual performing horse doing a bow for anyone who wanted to ride her. At a church gathering on Henley beach, when it was time to break bread, Sheba decided to eat the whole loaf.

“It’s not what we did that made us special, it’s Sheba’s relationship with people that made her special.”

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    240mm x 170mm, 149 pages
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  • Author:
    Kerry McFie

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