sorted – financially well organised


My aim is to help you understand your finances and take control of your financial future. I want to help you make strong, well-informed decisions and be financially well prepared if difficulties arise.
I call it ‘Being Sorted.’
So, I’ve put together this book to give you a structured approach to becoming financially well organised.
Part 1 – Get Sorted. Fill in my Sorted checklist to find your starting point on your journey to becoming Sorted. Then use the information in Part 2 to get on your way.
Part 2 – Sorted. Outlines the eight key areas of personal finance:
• Personal Budgeting
• Savings
• Investments
• Taxation
• Debt
• Insurance
• Retirement
• Estate Planning

I assure you that if you follow this guide, you’ll be much better off financially than when you first started.

You can download the extract of Chapter 1: Personal Budgeting here:

  • Specs:
    230 x 150mm, 172pages
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  • Author:
    Fairuz Azli, Edited by Rachel James

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