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A dokta at large in the land of the unexpected . . .

This story begins in the late 1950s, when as a medical student the author is dropped into an isolated enclave of Europeans surrounded by mountains in the central Highlands of New Guinea. Four years later, he returns, going on to establish comprehensive training programmes in rural medicine, while serving as the only doctor for 50,000 people. After a decade, he leaves PNG, returning on numerous occasions as a consultant over the next 40 years.

This story covers a 50 year experience in PNG from pre-self-government with missionaries, miners and administrators to a country listed as one of the most corrupt, violent and least comfortable places in the world in which to live, one still struggling to forge an identity and assert itself as an independent nation.

  • Specs:
    210 x 148mm, 432 pages, Paperback
  • Author:
    Anthony J Radford

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