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The Alphabet Book


The Alphabet Book is fun, vibrant, and informative.

Due to its multi-level depth, it is appealing to children of all ages and reading abilities. While teaching children how letters are used in words, this book encourages curiosity and creativity. It promotes individuality and confidence. Animals, plants, musical instruments, food, planets, and other intriguing subjects are presented, including many that are multicultural and international. Concepts such as responsibility, kindness, shyness, sadness, and others are discussed. Art and craft activities, games, and puzzles are featured. The illustrations contain many search and find items. The book will promote conversation, and will awaken a passion in children for observation, questioning, reading, and learning.

Please see the author and illustrator’s website for additional information.

  • Specs:
    312x247mm, 32 pages, Paperback
  • ISBN:
  • Author:
    Wendy Sysouphat

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