The Search For My Father… Ex-POW 2226 Remembers


Maarten van de Loo remembers and tells his story. A true story of courage and love. How a family survived Japanese Prisoner of War Camps during World War II.

Having endured – as a young teenager – fear, hunger and humiliation and having witnessed extreme torture and men in their death-throes, three-and-a-half years of POW imprisonment is sufficient to become unforgiving of the enemy.

However, the abrupt ending of WWII by the dropping of two atom bombs, killing tens of thousands of innocent civilians, though saving the lives of far greater numbers of civilian POW’s in ‘The Other Holocaust’, makes the now aged survivor review the past and realise that our Creator has aided in our strife, leading to the triumph of unconditional forgiveness.

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    210x148mm, 120 pages, Paperback
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  • Author:
    Maarten van de Loo

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