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The Secrets of the Abandoned House


This story is set in the late 1800s-1920s in the Adelaide Hills.  A house on Tom’s father’s property was left abandoned by an early German migrant couple, and why was an ongoing mystery.  Tom and Billy were 12 years old and the best of mates.  They were forbidden, by their parents, to go inside the old house.  The boys made a secret plan to sleep overnight without their parents’ knowledge.  Many scary experiences on a stormy night test the boy’s bravado and keep the reader captivated.  Why the house was left abandoned is finally revealed.  Children have found this story particularly exciting and appealing.

  • Specs:
    297 x 210mm, 20 pages, Paperback
  • ISBN:
  • Author:
    Maree Schaefer
  • Publisher:
    Maree Schaefer

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