The Spirit of Adventure Calls


A compass for life, learning and leadership

When the Spirit of Adventure Calls to our Heart, we must go. This quote written in memory of Mark Auricht who died on Mt Everest in 2001, reminds us of our enduring connection with nature and the magnetic attraction of adventure. It not only enlivens our soul, but also has the power to draw from within us, a strength, courage, resilience and passion that for some lies dormant until awakened.

Beyond the story of triumph and tragedy in the Himalayan landscape, this book is also about the journey that takes place within us, when we explore the limits of our self-imposed boundaries to find the hidden treasures of our heart.

As the world enters a time of unprecedented change, we must evolve new ways of thinking, living, learning and leading that will help us to navigate the challenging terrain of this new frontier. May this heart-felt tribute to the enduring spirit of Mark Auricht, serve as an inspiration and a compass for future leaders, adventurous souls and explorers of human potential.

  • Specs:
    240 x 170mm, 416 pags, Paperback
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  • Author:
    Wayne Enright

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