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Toby’s Adventures with the Pelicans


Toby lives in a remote part of Australia.  One day, Toby notices a flock of pelicans flying overhead and wonders where they are going.  The next thing he knows, he is lifted off the ground and is flying alongside them.  He talks to Penley, the lead pelican who entrusts Toby to protect the eggs and hatchlings at Lake Eyre from predators.  It is not long before Toby is facing various challenges.  This story includes adventures with a variety of Australian bush animals and birds.  How did he get home?  The story ends with an unexpected twist!

  • Specs:
    297 x 210mm, 16 pages, Paperback
  • ISBN:
  • Author:
    Maree Schaefer
  • Publisher:
    Maree Schaefer

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