In the Tracks of the Camelmen


Outback Australia’s Most Exotic Pioneers

Afghan cameleers, contracted to travel with camels across seas far from their Asiatic homelands, provided original transport and trade services to the young British continent of Australia. Their camel strings linked coasts to deserts in five vast colonies as they penetrated its fierce and remote interior. They pioneered a vast network of now famous tracks, including the route of the famous Ghan train, while facing challenges, dangers, opposition, deprivation and isolation.

They established ‘ghan towns, camel camps, spiritual centres and Afghan-Aboriginal communities and enriched Australia’s multiculturalism. Their numerous contributions to Australia’s progress provide a legacy of a unique Australian history that captivates Australians, travellers, media, overseas audiences and tourists even today.

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    Pamela Rajkowski OAM
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    Pamela Rajkowski OAM

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