Under Siege


The Spanish Flu in South Australia 1919-1920

For many hundreds of years past a strange disease has from time to time appeared in various places on the habitable globe, has spread widely and usually rapidly, has devastated whole countries, killing multitudes, and causing much permanent ill-health among the survivors, and then has seemed to die out, only to re-appear, perhaps several times in the course of the next century.
—Dr. William Ramsay Smith (1919).

A novel influenza virus appeared in 1918 and caused a pandemic that is still the deadliest global epidemic of infectious disease in human history. It caused at least 50 million, and possibly as many as 100 million, deaths worldwide. The virus attacked and killed young adults in their prime of life with an unusual and unprecedented ferocity and rapidity and came at a time when there had already been millions of deaths resulting from the First World War. This book is a detailed account of what happened when that alien assassin attacked South Australia in 1919.

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    240 x 170mm; Soft Cover
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    Rita Bogna

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