Wangka Wiru Handbook


“There are ‘Learner Guides’ available for a range of Aboriginal languages but none that I have seen come anywhere near the depth, thoroughness and structural logic of Wangku Wiru. The conclusions state that it is ‘designed to give some basic information about the language’ which should ‘help in the task of communicating with Pitjantjatjara speakers’ (p277).

“In Wangku Wiru basic technical terms are explained and concretely illustrated in a directly useful manner.

This work is an excellent reference for the serious learner with access to Pitjantatjara speakers and an extremely useful resource to other more technical works on Western Desert languages.” [Extract of a review by David Price, published in Australian Aboriginal Studies 1989 / No. 2]

The Rotary Verb Wheel (click here) A companion to this guide will assist in the understanding of the four verb classes in Pitjantjatjara and within each class the two kinds of verbs – ‘Verbs-of-effect’ (transitive) or ‘Verbs-without-object’ (intransitive).

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    297 x 210mm, 306 pgs, Paperback
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  • Author:
    Paul Eckert & Joyce Hudson
  • Publisher:
    Mirrabooka Press

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