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We Have Seen His Glory


Revelling in the Mystery and Majesty of the Gospel of John

Fred Veerhuis is an Australian Lutheran Pastor. Between 1979 and 2016 he served in four parishes in different regions of Australia. After retiring from full-time ministry he continued to teach for the pastors of the Lutheran Church in Vietnam, as well as teaching and preaching in Australian parishes. Fred, always a passionate advocate for Christians to know the core reason for the giving of the Law of Moses to Israel was to prepare searching minds and welcoming hearts for Jesus and his Gospel of forgiveness and grace.

He longs for Christians to know the astonishing spiritual freedom which flows from being drawn into the New Covenant brought into being through Jesus the Messiah. Knowing the grace and freedom of Jesus Christ is to know Jesus and the glory his coming has revealed.

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    216 x 154mm, 176pp, Paperback
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    Pastor Fred Veerhuis
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    Ferryhouse Publishing

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