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who is god? the big bible series for kids – Book 1

From: $4.99

“Who is God? The Big Bible Series for Kids” helps little ones grasp the promises of God and his grace in Jesus. In Book 1 children will delight in learning Bible Stories about the Old Testament promises of God and yet, despite God’s goodness, the failings of people like King Saul, foreshadowing the need for a gentle and compassionate, forever King, in Jesus. The book concludes with the coming of King Jesus and the story of Easter.

Colouring pages are also available to accompany the Who is God? series. Simply add to your purchase the ‘Colouring Book’ which is provided as a download in MONO PDF format so you can print each story as needed.

  • Specs:
    285x210mm; Paperback
  • Author:
    Vanessa Chappell