OBH Marketing Services

Welcome to OBH Marketing, the Adelaide-based brand and design agency that delivers the full spectrum of school specialised brand strategy and marketing services.

Build on your school’s success by partnering with us, confident in the knowledge that for over 50 years, more than 300 schools have trusted us as their print, design and marketing partner.

We provide services across the entire education marketing spectrum from the creation of strategic marketing plans, brand design and refresh, creative design and of course, print.

The OBH Marketing Approach

We use a 5-stage approach ensuring we take the time to understand your unique requirements, the identification of and collaboration with key stakeholders ensuring the effective development, creation and implementation of your strategic branding review. Covering 5 stages, being discovery, direction, creation, implementation and delivery, you can trust the OBH approach for your brand strategy and marketing services. See below for a high level explanation of each stage:

Stage 1   |   Discovery

The discovery stage helps to inform our thinking behind the brand refresh framework and guides the creative.

Branding Review

  • Branding, marketing and design review of existing collateral
  • Consultation with the Marketing and Branding Committee and student leadership
  • Electronic survey to a sample of identified key stakeholders
  • Exploration of current trends in school marketing

Communications Channel Review

  • Review of communications channels, effectiveness and purpose
  • Consultation with Marketing and Branding Committee
  • Electronic survey to a sample of identified key stakeholders

Stage 2   |   Direction

On completion of the Discovery stage we carefully analyse the findings.

We aim to work collaboratively to capture the unique essence, or your DNA, that is the heartbeat and soul of your business and brand. This process sets the direction for the brand and marketing refresh.

Branding Review

  • Analysis of outcomes including competitor analysis
  • Stakeholder workshop including facilitated SWOT analysis
  • Alignment of mission and values to marketing strategy
  • Outline of target audiences and their needs

Communications Channel Review

  • Analysis of outcomes
  • Stakeholder workshop
  • Outline of target audiences and their needs

Stage 3   |   Creation

Stage 3 is where the elements of Discovery and Direction take shape, and we produce a strategic branding and marketing framework that guides the your brand.

Branding Review

  • Development of a strategic corporate identity/brand framework
  • Development of master design concepts
  • Refinement and approval of concept

Communications Channel Review

  • Summary of findings and recommendations for streamlining
  • Recommendations for continuing to build brand excellence – Internal/External

Stage 4   |   Implementation

Production and delivery of approved creative

  • Photography/videography art direction
  • Roll out of the new brand standard guidelines across:
    • Prospectus
    • Various school publications
    • Digital collateral (e-signatures/e-advertising)
    • Advertising
  • Development of new website

Stage 5   |   Delivery

Stage 5 sees the implementation and delivery of all newly created print and digital brand assets as required.