Man Made Cards

From: $35

The Man Made Cards are for creating conversations with boys from age 13, and men of any age.  It helps men and boys tell their story through a set of 87 cards divided into 6 suits:

  • My Stuff
  • Body Stuff
  • Head Stuff
  • Relationship Stuff
  • Big stuff
  • Future Stuff

The cards are available in two sizes:

  • The Man Made Box is intended for school and organisational use (cards are 120mm x 120mm, box is 135mm x 120mm x 40mm) – $72.50 (inc GST)
  • The Man Made Deck is intended for one on one and family use (cards are 90mm x 62mm, deck is 92mm x 65mm x 35mm) – $35.00 (inc GST)

“We men love to talk, but it needs help to get started.  These Manmade cards will kick things along and they will lead to brilliant sharing.  Exactly what boys and men need to have”.    Steve Biddulph, author ‘Raising Boys’ and ‘The New Manhood’.

“This resource is one of the best investments I have ever made in my position as a school chaplain… whether using them in a one-on-one conversation or in a group setting… they are GOLD and “on topic” – Thanks for a great resource Andrew!”

“Love my Man Made Cards.  Took them on an adventure therapy hiking trip. Kept a few cards in my pocket as discussion starters while walking. Around the campfire we got into some deep stuff about emotions as men. I made my own little adjustment of making a coloured dice to introduce a random element.  Love it.”

Check out an introduction clip about the Man Made Cards here.

  • Author:
    Andrew Lines