Picture Prompt Cards


The Rite Journey Picture Prompts are 120 picture cards that can be used in a wide variety of contexts.  Cards may be deliberately chosen or selected randomly to be used as a prompt for speaking or writing e.g.

• Pick a card which shows what you value.
• Which card speaks to you in this moment? Why?
• Something in your life you’d like to change.
• Gift a card indicating what you appreciate about that person.
• What’s something you wish for?
• Tell a story from your life about the card you’ve chosen.
• Choose a card related to current events.
• Write a story with the chosen picture as the central theme.
• Choose 3 cards: write a story linking them.
• Pick a card that represents how you’re feeling right now.

  • Specs:
    60 x 110mm
  • Author:
    Andrew Lines

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